About SoLuna

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SoLuna was established November 2018* by Itumeleng Moima, a patisserie and Culinary arts graduate, hardworking and goal driven lady working to make a dream bakery to reality, with the vision to create a culture of well respected cake and pastry appreciation among everyday people

SoLuna strives to create products of high quality, and a culture where SoLuna cakes and Desserts are a lifestyle

SoLuna is a hub of vision and creativity in Food Artistry. Creating a buzz on social media and the streets.

More than providing exceptional service and products to our clients, our goal is to develop a proudly South African confectionery company that reflects true art in food, build healthy customer relationships and continue to contribute positively towards the industry.

Name and Logo

SoLuna is a Portmanteau – a word that is formed by combining two different terms to create a new entity: SoLuna.

Soleil (Sun) Lunar(Moon) Soluna is the concept of bringing two different elements -food and art – to create out of this world cakes and pastries.